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LSEC Information Security Awards 2008

Information Security Awards 2008 for Frank Robben and intoPIX

Leuven, 9 June 2008

This year’s LSEC Information Security Awards go to Frank Robben, head of the Crossroads Bank, and the Belgian start-up intoPIX. These were the results of a survey among the members of LSEC. LSEC wants to use the awards ...

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And the LSec Information Security Award goes to ... intoPIX 

Leuven, Belgium, 11 June, 2008: LSEC Information Security Award goes to intoPIX, the leading provider of JPEG 2000 solution for its brilliant work in the information security domain.

This award is the result of a survey among the members of LSEC. LSEC wants to use awards to stimulate renewal in this ...

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intoPIX announces a complete solution for Digital Cinema Multi-Asset Decryption 

Coinciding with its exhibit at Cinema Expo in Amsterdam next week intoPIX has announced the availability of a new AES Multi-Asset Decryptor to complete its range of Digital Cinema security cyphering cores.

Adding to its established range of encryption and decryption security cores intoPIX has announc...

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intoPIX Announces Its New Generation Of AES IP-Cores Supporting Higher Bitrate Up To 10/100 Gbps With Optimized Footprint To Secure Network Transmission In AV Applications

Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium, January 19, 2016 - intoPIX, a leading provider of IP cores for security and video compression, announced today the extension of its AES encryption IP core family to support higher bitrates applications from 10 to 100 Gbps and additional features. Thanks to its ...

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