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Connected ProAV Event 2021
​Thursday 19th, November 2021
​First Session : 10.00AM (CET) - 5.00PM (JST) 
​Second Session : 2.00PM (EDT) - 11.00PM (PDT) - 8.00PM (CET) 

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX) & François-Pierre Clouet (intoPIX)

Language : English

Broadcast Connected Event 2021

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Broadcast Connected Event 2021

  • The V2.0 of our complete range of TICO-XS solutions implementing JPEG XS and more: 4K/8K, FPGA cores, software Libraries, SMPTE 2110 streaming integration,  plugins, ref. designs, etc.
  • The latest JPEG XS standard development and how the industry is moving together with JPEG XS.
  • TICO-RAW: the new RAW that delivers RAW quality at the JPEG size. What does it mean for the creative TV & Film industries?

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX) & Justine Hecq (intoPIX)

Language : English

Date : October 19, 2021

Broadcast Connected Event 2021

Intel Video Vision & AI seminar : TICO* by intoPIX - The new TICO-XS (JPEG-XS) & TICO-RAW Codecs for HD, 4K and 8K high quality streaming

Speakers Junichi Ota (intoPIX) 
Language : Japanese
Date September 02, 2021, 2021, 2021, 2021                        
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Intel - September, 2021

Intel : JPEG XS FPGA Evaluation Kit Webinar

The new JPEG XS ISO standard specifies a compression technology for high-quality video transport. Intel has a complete evaluation platform for this standard based on the Intel® Cyclone® 10 GX FPGA: an easy way to implement JPEG XS for your embedded video and image processing application.

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX) & Jean-Michel Vuillamy (Intel PSG)
Language : English
Date : May, 2021
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Intel - May, 2021

Xilinx Adapt AV (China) : The new TICO-XS (JPEG-XS) & TICO-RAW Codecs for HD, 4K and 8K high quality streaming

Discover the benefits of the new low-latency codec JPEG-XS solution for 8K and our TICO-RAW for sensors and cameras

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX)

Language : English 

Subtitle : Chinese

Date : June 24, 2021

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Xilinx Adapt AV - June 24, 2021

NVIDIA GTC21 : Introduction to the New JPEG XS Standard for Low-Latency, Visually Lossless Streaming in HD, 4K, and 8K

Discover the benefits of the new JPEG XS lightweight low-latency standard, co-created by intoPIX and its implementation and performance achieved on NVIDIA GPUs to stream high-quality 4K and 8K live video at the speed of light.

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX)

Language : English

Date : April 14, 2021

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Nvidia GTC21 - April 14, 2021

intoPIX & Xilinx : How intoPIX and Xilinx Empower your Video Applications

Learn how to create smart FPGA designs with the new JPEG XS & TICO-RAW IP-Cores developed by intoPIX and get an update about the Xilinx product portfolio. Explore the benefits of TICO-RAW and JPEG XS for various cases:

- Designing camera and RAW Bayer image workflows using TICO-RAW up to 8K 

- Replacing HD, 4K or 8K uncompressed live video in time-sensitive transmission using TICO-XS 

- Broadcast Live production and AVoIP using LAN / WAN / Cloud 

- Wifi-6/5G video transmission at the speed of light 

- 4K/8K transport using a single Coax/SDI cable 

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX), Junichi Ota (intoPIX), Yohei Tsuzuku (Xilinx)

Language : Japanese & English

Date : March 24, 2021

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intoPIX and Xilinx joint webinar - March 24, 2021

intoPIX & Intel : JPEG XS for broadcast and professional AV

You will learn all about the benefits for various use cases from Broadcast, ProAV to Industrial applications:

- Real-time HD, 4K or 8K video workflows using FPGA & Software

- Broadcast Live Production over IP using LAN / WAN / Cloud

- Low latency - Wireless using Wifi-6 /5G

- 4K/8K Compressed transport using regular Coax/SDI cables 

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX), Junichi Ota (intoPIX), Takafuji Yoshifumi (Intel)

Language : Japanese & English

Date : February 9, 2021

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intoPIX & Intel joint webinar - February 9, 2021

SMPTE Toronto : Live production forecast : Cloudy for the foreseeable future

Live production with JPEG XS in the LAN, over the WAN and in the CLOUD

Speaker Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX)

Language : English

Date : November 17, 2020

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SMPTE November 2020 Meeting - November 17, 2020

Nevion & intoPIX : Need for compression in professional broadcast

intoPIX and Nevion are in conversation with the Architects: Need for compression in professional broadcasts.
Watch the live chat with Nevion to learn more about the emerging use of mezzanine compression technologies and their use in ST2110 production infrastructures, both wide area and local.

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX), Andy Rayner (Nevion)

Language : English

Date : November 10, 2020

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Fireside chat with intoPIX & Nevion - November 10, 2020

IP Showcase Summer Sessions : JPEG XS & ST2110 for IPMX

This presentation demonstrates how JPEG XS plays an important role in the IPMX roadmap for an open standards-based solution. JPEG XS has the light weight and performance required to bring the quality and connectivity Pro AV users demand at 1Gig and 2.5Gig networks, and the versatility to go beyond.

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX)

Language : English

Date : June 26, 2020

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IP showcase Summer Session - June 26, 2020

Spring Product Releases : intoPIX Alternative Broadcasting Show 2020 

This webinar features 5 top topics related to Live production over IP, Remote Production, Cameras. 

- The JPEG XS standards evolution in the Broadcast landscape

- How JPEG XS & ST2110 fits together

- Update on the full JPEG XS product stack by intoPIX , on CPU, GPU & FPGAs

- Connecting XS rapidly to existing workflows

- TICO-RAW, unleash RAW dataflows from camera to editing, from FPGA to CPU & GPU 

Speakers Jean-Baptiste Lorent (intoPIX) and Justine Hecq (intoPIX)

Language : English

Date : May 20, 2020

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intoPIX Spring Release 2020 - May 20, 2020